Friday, March 20, 2009

My Engagement

18 March 2009
The day i waited for so engagement day!!!!!...engagement + registration, and now I'm legally married. hehehehe....I get married legally and at the same time i get engaged. Still waiting for my traditional wedding....
Me and my beloved hubby signed the registration at 11am at Shah Alam registration office.Then we did a small engagement ( just exchange the ring and the "Malai"). After that we all when to the restaurant in USJ (laksmitrah) for our lunch. That's where we cut out engagement cake. The cake i did myself. Both of us been a boyfriend and girlfriend for about 12years and finally we tied the knot.half way oni completed, still need to wait until the traditional wedding....
All the preparation we(me n Hubby) did ourselves and not to forget my best friend Nitti was with us.

Friend Wedding

Hi....I've been baking a lot for this month...on Mar 07,2009 one of my friend (Saara) get married, both the bride and the bridegroom i knew. so i baked 2 chocolate cakes with chocolate ganache topping and with butter cream deco + 18 cupcakes (9 for each of them). I baked for them to show my love. They liked it very much. Was so happy for them... The wedding was in Seremban. I, my Hubby and my best friend when on Friday itself and come back to KL on a lot of work to do but we are happy to be in their sweet moments.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday cake

It's been long time i didn't write..quite busy with my own stuff...i got bake a few is the birthday cake for my family friend's kid...this the first time I'm doing it for other' turns out very's a chocolate cake with whipping cream+deco.