Saturday, December 26, 2009

18th Dec 2009

Vegetarian Cake...

My Neighbour Maha ordered a vegetarian chocolate cake with chocolate topping and simple decoration for their relative’s birthday celebration.

weight: 2.0 kg
Price: RM 60
Flavour: Vegetarian chocolate cake

15th Dec

Registration Cake...

My Hubby’s friend Vel Murugan ordered a registration cake for his brother’s marriage registration occasion. He requests a chocolate cake and the deco he leave it to me. It's a chocolate cake with butter cream crumb coat. Chocolate ganache to cover the cake. For rose and other decorations, i use butter cream.

Weight:2.0 kg

Price: RM60

Flavour: Chocolate

5th Dec

Birthday cake..

Our Neighbour ordered a birthday cake for his daughter’s birthday. Deco and cake type they leave it to me. So I bake a butter cake with butter cream deco.

Weight: 1kg

Price: RM35

Flavour : Butter cake

1st December

1st December 2009

Sorry for the late updates...December month..quite a busy month..A lot of things and occasions...

1st December...
-Morning, did prayers in our new house. Evening did house warming...
Busy serving the guest.
-My Birthday..Did a simple chocolate birthday cake with an emergency decorations...Coz no time to decorate the cake..No decorating tip to decorate nicely..instead i use a freezer bag to decorate the cake.