Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Three essentials to cake decorating

Today i want to share about cake decorating.

Cake decorating is an art form and just like any other work of art,it requires patience as well as three essential components for the perfectly decorated cake.
1)Consistency of the icing.
2)Proper decorating bag positioning.
3)Controlling the pressure of squeezing the bag.

1)Consistency of Icing
A number of factors can affect the consistency of the icing such as temperature, humidity, ingredients and the equipment used to make it.
->A thin consistency of icing is best for creating leaves and vines as well as any type of writing.
->Medium consistency is best for stars, borders and some flower petals.
->Stiff consistency of icing is best for creating intricate patterns that need to last without running.

2)Positioning of the Decorating Bag
The angles in which you hold the decorating bag as well the direction in which the back of the bag is pointed are important. For instance, 90° positions are best when you are writing somethingwhile 45° positions are best for patterned borders and some artwork.

3)Controlling the Pressure
The pressure you apply when you squeeze the icing out of the decorator's bag is important as it affects the size of the icing output as well as the uniformity.
->Heavy pressure is best when you are adding a large amount of icing to one area for decorations.
->Light pressure is best when you need to apply just a small amount of icing in an area.
Your goal should be to master your grip on the bag and learn how to exert the right amount of pressure so the icing lines will appear seamless.

Hope this will help you to decorate the cakes.

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