Friday, April 24, 2009

Get Well Soon cupcakes

I going to visit one of my friend (Saara) who is not feeling well...I'll be going after work...i was not sure what to bring to visit her...and then my hubby suggested to bake cupcakes for today i baked Vanilla chocolate chip cupcakes and decorated it with butter cream icing..i use a different butter cream recipe and it was nice..i like the taste...i bought a few cupcakes to my work place to share with my colleagues.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cartoon character decoration

Quite busy this week until didn't have time to bake , update., etc...
Last week Saturday and Sunday i attended Master Tan See Fong's Cartoon Character was superb and interesting..i was so excited and ws so happy to see Master Tan See Fong..i really admire his work....the class was held in ICCA Sunway Damansara.It's a two day course 18 &19 April 2009. We learn how to make cartoon characters decoration..we learn how to pipe mouse, elephant,teddy, panda, bulldog, gold fish,octopus,swan,snail, turtle,hello kitty, doremon, Garfield,crocodile,snake,pig,sheep, and he did demo on the flowers, teach us how to icing a dome cake....all of this done using whipping cream...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Order for blueberry cake

08 April 2009
Receive an order from my Hubby's friend (Kalai)..its a blueberry cake for his father's birthday...did the same blueberry cake i bake for my sister...
it was 1.5kg, its a chocolate cake, with blueberry topping and filling, cake covered with whipping cream and almond nibs..

Blueberry cake

30 March 2009
My sister's birthday and she this is her 21st birthday..i ask her what cake she want for her birthday...and she said she wants a blueberry i bake her a blueberry cake for her birthday and she cut it at 12am (30/03/2009)...when she went for her college, ,her friends bought a cake for her to cut..and it is also a blueberry cake...i ask her was the cake nice...she said the cake that i bake for her was very nice and moist...the cake her friends bought was nice but it was dry..normal wat..home bake is fresh from oven...

Carrot cake

My Hubby's birthday. He wanted a carrot walnut cake with cream cheese topping. Did a cake for him and it was my first carrot cake I'm baking...mostly I'll bake chocolate this time he ask me to try something not was nice...he loves it very much...