Saturday, May 30, 2009

Birthday Cake and cupcakes

30 May 2009
Birthday cake for my Neighbour's daughter Yonita, 18 years old. Her mother requested for butter cake with simple butter cream decorations.

price: RM 35.00
weight: 1 1/2kg

Cupcakes are for my neighbour's also but a different neighbour. She ordered 10pcs for her grandchildren. 5pcs butter cupcake, 5pcs chocolate cupcake.

price: RM 1.20 each 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Cake

16 May 2009
Did a wedding cake for my ex-supervisor (Rosie)..we call her "Mama"...she ordered 200pcs of cupcakes and a 9" fondant cake with a simple's an almond chocolate cupcake with ganache deco.. and the cake was almond chocolate cake covered with's really so nice..the bride and bridegroom loves the cake....Happy Married life Mama!!!!....

This photo's was sent to me by the bride ( Rosie).

Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday cake

15 May 2009
Did 2 birthday cake for my Sister's fren..her son(Sundar) turns 13 this year..she ask for 2 for the son to cut at school and the other one for him to cut at home....for the school one,did a chocolate cake with choc topping and simple deco....for the house one did a chocolate cake also but covered with butter cream...deco with edible image...they said it was superb and the taste was fantastic....she was happy with the cake..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday cake

14 May 2009
Did a birthday cake for my working colleagues (Johari)...It was for his wife's birthday..i did a chocolate cake covered with butter cream and simple deco...he likes the cake...

Mother's Day Cakes

10 May 2009
Receive orders for Mother's day cake...did 6 cake..and one of it for my Mum...quite tiring..but managed to finish the orders and deliver it on Hubby helped me a lot with delivering the cakes...u know what, he helped me to decorate 2 cakes..not bad, he iced the cakes so nice and smooth....did 4 butter cake and 2 chocolate cake....
 This one is for my mum..

Birthday Cake

09 May 2009
Did a custom made birthday cake and deliver it to Seremban..Its a Lorry/Truck design cake for a 50Th Birthday Celebration.It's a chocolate cake covered with butter cream....Quite tiring..first time doing custom made cake...My Hubby helped a lot with the lorry/truck design...i can't imagine until now that i did a custom made cake..hehehehe..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spiderman Birthday Cake

07 May 2009
Kogi's friend order a birthday cake for her son (Deva)...i wanted to test edible image on the cake so i tested it on this cake.....she didn't give any i did a simple design and use spiderman edible's a chocolate cake with butter cream....the mother was so happy and she didn't except it to be this nice because she ordered the cake on 06/05/2009....Happy 11th Birthday DEVA !!!!....i hope they like the cake....

Butter cakes...

05 May 2009
Did 2 butter cakes...One for relatives marriage registration (butter cake with ganache topping)...and the other one for a farewell(butter cake with whipped cream frosting) supervisor(Rosie)is 3 of us shared (me, Nita, Govind) for the cake..This is the first time I'm doing butter cake...and it turns out very nice...everyone loves it...Rosie don't want to cut the cake because it looks nice but still she cannot tahan to taste the last she cut it...
my relative who ordered the cake said that the cake was nice and taste good..she even ordered for mother's day...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Farewell Cupcakes

1 May 2009
Did farewell cupcakes for my working colleague.