Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monthy Baking Event

This is the first time I'm participating in the Monthly Baking Event. I love to take part in this type of events. Sweet and Simple Bakes posted the Chocolate Orange Drizzle Loaf Cake recipe as this months event.
I use a heart shaped pan instead of a loaf pan. I drizzle some melted chocolate at the side of the cakes.The cake was simply superb.It was so soft and moist. I did this cake for my father on father's day. My mum and my hubby loves the orange cake and both of them finished 1/2 of the cake.
I'm going to do this cake again and thanks to Sweet and Simple Bakes for the awesome recipe.

Click here for the recipe.


♥Rosie♥ said...

Tamil, wow your cake looks gorgeous and I adore the heart shape.

Many thanks for partaking in this month's S&SB bake and I hope you will join us in our next bake :0)

Rosie x

Arundathi said...

the heart shape is cute and the cake looks great!

HFJ said...

Your cake looks great - the heart shaped tin was a great idea!

Wonk said...

Your cake looks awesome in the heart shape, the chocolate just drizzling over the edges like that looks fantastic too!

This was my first S&SB too, I thought it was so much fun and a super first recipe for us :)

Anonymous said...

Heart Cake looks wonderful and love the way the chocolate is drizzling down the cake... :)

Heatherfeather said...

Oh! I love the heart shaped pan! How pretty that looks!

The Girl said...

I love that you used a heart shaped pan - it looks amazing!! I need to go and find one for myself now... :)

Anonymous said...

The heart shape was a novel idea! Great job!

Priya said...

Heart shape cake looks fabulous Tamil!

Sugar said...

Thanks a lot Rosie for the wonderful orange cake recipe. This is what i was looking for.Thanks again.

Hi Arundathi, thanks for the compliments.

Hi HFJ. Actually i don't have a rectangular cake pan. Thats y i use the heart shape

Hi Wonk, The chocolate drizzling is my hubby's idea. He was so eager to do the decorations for this cake. It's really fun and exciting.

Hi myspicykitchen, all the decoration compliments will go to my hubby. Thanks a lot.

Hi Heatherfeather, thank you for the compliments.Credit goes to the cake pan..

Hi The Girl, thank you for the compliments. I bought the cake pan for RM7.90 from a local baking shop.

Thanks for the compliments Applecrumbles.

Hi Priya,thanks for the compliments.

Gale Reeves said...

Great idea to use the heart pan. Your drizzle around the edge look good.

Maria♥ said...

Hi Tamil

A warm welcome to Sweet and Simple Bakes and congrats on your first bake with us.

I love that you used a heart shaped tin and it turned out perfect!

Thanks for taking part and hope you will join us again.