Monday, August 10, 2009


8th Aug 2009

Quite busy that day...after my work finish at 6am, I start to bake. 10am me n hubby when to take breakfast and then when to Bake with Yen to find " Cars" edible image. They don't have it. So we when to few shops (Wilton ICCA, City Bakers, Moms Bakery,Bagus Kota D'sara) still couldn't find it. At last we when to LMC Bakery and i manage to get one. It's already 1.30pm. I start to deco the cakes and i finish it at 3pm. The part that i hate to do is the cleaning part..hehehehe..normally if i bake on weekends,my hubby will help me to do the i have to wash all the utensils because my hubby when to service my sister's car..I finish cleaning at about 3.30pm. I couldn't stand anymore and straight when to bed. I only sleep for about 2 1/2 hours. My hubby wake me up at 6pm and then we get ready to delivery the cake. After deliver the cakes, we when to visit hubby's friend in Brickfields. It was really nice to meet them. We leave their house at about 2am Sunday morning. Then we when back home and sleep.
That's the Saturday story and now you guys can figure out how busy I am that day.... is for the cakes entry...

Ordered by Kavitha.
Flavour: Chocolate cake with chocolate topping
Price: RM 28
Weight: 1.5kg

Ordered by Harin.
Flavour: Butter Cake with butter cream deco
Price: RM50

Ordered by Sarves.
Flavour: Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
Price: RM15


Anitha said...

Hi Selvi,

This is Anitha Karthi. I've just gone through ur blogs. It is really cool to see these pics. I also need cake for my Uncle's Birthday.(5th of September) Choice of cake is urs...Bye. Anitha - 017-6900924

Sugar said...

Hi Anita,
Thank you for your comment.will contact you for more details. Thanks again.

edith said...

Wow I will die with such schedule. You are a tough cookie. Thanks for dropping by my blog.