Thursday, October 1, 2009

Deepavali cookies

1st October 2009

Sorry for the late update. I was having Internet problem for about 2 weeks. That's why unable to update the blog. And quite busy also with the Deepavali Cookies.I'm taking ordered for deepavali and those who like to order can contact me or email me at for the samples and price list.

Cookies list:
-Almond London
-Pineapple roll Tart
-Snow Biscuits
-Crunchy Almond biscuits
-Dahlia Biscuits
-Peanut biscuits

Have a great Day....


Anonymous said...


I've sent you an email on the cookie orders

Anonymous said...

how about this(2011) year? can you do peanut, badam, dahlia and coconut bis. I have sent you an email. (anukothan). Please reply ASAP. thanks