Saturday, October 10, 2015

Retirement cake

22nd September 2015

My friend Shidah ordered a chocolate flavoured cake with personalized edible image for her boss retirement party.

Flavour: chocolate

Minion theme birthday cake

20th August 2015

My son turns 2 years old. He was so excited with his minions themed birthday cake. I made the minions figurine 2 days before his birthday. As for the cake, it's a layered three flavour cake.I also baked tiramisu flavoured cupcakes for the kids.

Birthday cake flavour: chocolate moist cake, orange velvet cake and red velvet cake.

Cupcakes flavour: tiramisu

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fondant birtday cake

18th August 2015

My sister's friend Indra ordered a fondant cake for her husband's surprise birthday celebration.

Birthday cake

26th July 2015

My sister's birthday cake.
Flavour: chocolate cake with buttercream and kitkat deco.

Birthday Cake

24th July 2015

Ordered by my neighbor's daughter for their grandma.
Flavour: Butter cake

Birthday Cake

2nd July 2015

Ordered by Jothi for her daughter birthday.
Flavour: Chocolate Cake
Weight: 1 1/2kg

Triple Birthday Celebrations!!!

12 June 2015

My Cousin's 21st Birthday celebration.
Flavour: Butter cake

My Aunt, 55th Birthday Celebration.
Flavour: Orange Butter cake


My Daughter, 4th Birthday Celebration. Second cake for this year.
Flavour: Chocolate cake.